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WWD 2018 Summary

Water is an irreplaceable natural resource; we cannot live without it. At Amiad, we are passionate about the importance of preserving the environment to ensure that clean water sources are available for future generations and that everyone has access. We also understand that it is important not only to protect nature, but to learn from it. As a result we are strong advocates of this year‘s United Nation’s World Water Day theme of ‘Nature for Water’.

This is our sixth year of participating in World Water Day and our celebrations were bigger and better than ever! As previously, we focused on reaching out to children and the elderly to involve them in our activities – to provide enjoyment, community support as well as raise awareness and understanding of the importance of water and nature. In particular, we focused on the theme of biomimicry, which is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by designing structures and systems modelled on what can be found in nature.

This can be seen in the design and innovation of many filtration technologies. Folded filters are inspired by a fish’s gills where the increased surface area allows for a larger volume of water to be purified at a given time, making the filter more efficient. Similarly, Baleen filters are inspired by the Baleen whale species, such as the Humpback whale, which has bristles that act as a filter to separate the edible particles from the water and retain them in the mouth.

We shared our understanding of biomimicry with over 2,700 children worldwide, including in Israel, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, the UK and US – engaging our young listeners in an informative presentation, as well as in educational games and activities, given in Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese. This included expanding our reach to involve children at two special needs schools. Also for the first time, we were proud to collaborate with Galilium, a science and technology educational programme in Eastern Galilee, through which we were able to reach 1,200 children. We look forward to working with Galilium again in the future. The pensioner community at Kibbutz Amiad also greatly enjoyed being a part of our celebrations!

We are proud that this year’s activities were, once again, a success and enjoyed by children, teachers and local communities alike! Since Amiad began supporting World Water Day back in 2013, we have reached around 8,700 children – a great achievement and a reflection of our belief in the responsibility of all to educate future generations on the importance of water preservation. We continue with our commitment to support this vital United Nations initiative and we look forward to 2019’s event!

  • Arturo Castaños, Amiad Mexico,
    during his presentation

  • Dorit Yonatan, Amiad HQ,
    and her daughter

  • (l to r) Adva Zach-Maor, Amiad HQ,
    Rachel Mizrahi, Principal of the Renanim School
    and Sandra Shapira, Amiad HQ

  • Vanessa Palazzi, Amiad Brazil,
    during her presentation

  • Marina Shulman, Amiad HQ,
    and her son

  • Sendu Satkunam, Amiad AU,
    and his son

  • Having fun with the activity sheets

  • Silvia Fainaro, Amiad HQ,
    and her daughter

  • Tomer Lapidot, Amiad USA,
    and his son

The children were happy with the wristbands!

WWD Team
Adva, Dalit, Erika, Joy, Sandra & Shiri